Core Technology

Real-time 3D Face Modeling

- 3D face modeling from single monocular RGB image in milliseconds on mobile platforms
- Separate face identity from expression
- Enable real-time expression transfer for facial reenactment

Real-time Video Segmentation

- Semantic video segmentation in milliseconds on mobile platforms
- Segment people foreground into fine-grained areas like hair, glasses, clothes, etc

Real-time Beautification

- Real-time face tracking, detection and landmarks detection in milliseconds
- Coherent face geometry micro-adjustment in videos in milliseconds
- Complete set of beautification including skin smoothing, whitening, freckle-removal, etc.

Real-time Facial Expression Recognition

- Real-time facial expression (e.g, angry, sad, happy, etc) recognition

We aim at developing cutting-edge video processing technologies
to create revolutionary video social experiences

Our Products

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Meet Cam

Powerful AI camera app enabling real-time video segmentation, background replacement and beautification


Real-time facial expression transfer. Enable facial reenactment using cell phone camera and turn it into a live video.